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ELABORE – Creative engineering for all

ELABORE is a service company specializing in product development, in partnership with our customers. We offer a variety of technical services at an excellent price-quality ratio, while conceding the entire intellectual property to our customers. In addition, our expertise in additive manufacturing allows us to significantly reduce the development cycle. What sets us apart from others? We are a creative engineering firm!



Go-getters to the core, we take on any project and are always ready for new adventures. Challenges drive our willingness to develop new products while exceeding customer expectations.


The customer is at the center of the project and is involved throughout the product development process. Together, we bring the best ideas to the table, and work to find THE solutions to the problems that are encountered.


Our rigorous work methods adapt to all types of projects : we don't back down from anything. Constantly learning, we have a remarkable ability to change direction to meet your needs.

Our mission

Together to develop successful products!

Our mission is to drive innovation and be an accelerator for marketing products that are always more efficient, distinctive and eco-responsible. In order to do this, we creatively use the latest engineering and information technologies, as well as integrate best management practices. We help companies stand out and reinvent themselves.

Our team

Augustin Archambault, eng.


Benjamin Paquet, eng.

Chief operating officer

Didier Prince, CEP

Engineering coordinator

Alex Galarneau

Product designer

Guillaume Lefebvre

Mechanical engineering technician

Grégoire Albert, concepteur mécanique chez ELABORE

Grégoire Albert, CEP

Mechanical designer

Patrick Allen

Electromechanical expert




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