Industrial design

Industrial design, for a successful development of your product !

The industrial designers ensure the continuity of your project in addition to designing the products. They take into account different constraints such as ergonomics, ecology, mechanics, aesthetics, user experience, manufacturing processes and many others in order to create complete products. They are experts in designing complex items that will compete and innovate in the marketplace to propel your company forward.

Our industrial design process

Industrial design


Immersing yourself in the environment of your innovative product is an important step in its development. In order to learn more about an environment that is sometimes unfamiliar to them, our industrial design experts proceed with the analysis of existing products on the market, the brand image as well as the use of the product. A better picture can then be developed to create a product that meets your expectations. During this stage, we also develop the product’s innovation strategy, i.e. its competitive advantages, its formal language and its quality-price positioning necessary to satisfy future customers.

Industrial design

Ideation of the concept

Conceptual ideation consists of taking the ideas of all the members of the project and putting them on paper in order to obtain a concrete preliminary image of the product to ultimately present to you. Several techniques are used to stimulate the team’s creativity and to break out of paradigms. The objective is to generate innovative, distinctive, and unique concepts to make your project a success.

Industrial design

Technical design

At the technical design stage, focus is on shapes, aesthetics, design principles, etc. Our experts ensure that your product will operate in line with the desired strategy by first developing proofs of concept and then functional prototypes. A proof of concept is intended to evaluate the feasibility and potential of an idea, while a prototype must achieve a level of performance equivalent to that of the final product.

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