Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering, a versatile expertise!

The technical and mechanical development of your product is carried out in-house by our team of engineers and mechanical designers. Whether it is for the approval of drawings and calculations, or even the application of specialized expertise, such as geometric tolerancing, material selection and manufacturing optimization, our mechanical engineering team will provide you with guidance and support throughout the whole process.

Our mechanical engineering process

Mechanical engineering

Technical benchmark

Benchmarking is a series of actions that allow you to evaluate and compare your product to that of the competition, in order to plan its development and design. By performing an in-depth analysis, our team will be able to apply the best methods to ensure a competitive advantage for your product.

Mechanical engineering

Ideation / Design

Ideation is a process in which every member of the product development project can brainstorm and venture into a creative world. In this collaborative innovation method, there are only good ideas. . It is part of our iterative loop in the product development process. Design, on the other hand, is closely related to ideation and corresponds to the action of conceiving an idea. Computer-aided design (CAD) is a discipline used to imagine an object, develop its form, and generate the data that will lead to its manufacture.

Mechanical engineering

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Our team possesses the expertise to optimize many manufacturing processes, such as plastic injection, thermoforming, rotomolding, blowmolding, additive manufacturing, stamping, bending, casting, forging, welding, extrusion, etc. For each of these processes, we have the appropriate manufacturing partners, local or foreign, to obtain quotes and validate the design. In addition, we have the knowledge to optimize costs and aesthetics, and master the limitations and tolerances of these processes.

Mechanical engineering

Digital simulation

Numerical simulation is an essential tool for optimizing parts, saving prototyping costs and reducing risks. We use it throughout the process to optimize the durability and manufacturing costs of parts before prototyping and production. Topological optimization can be particularly effective in creating highly optimized geometries produced by additive manufacturing. This simulation technique automatically removes unnecessary material by setting loading conditions representative of the part’s final use.

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