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Product development is a process that allows ideas to become concrete and concepts to materialize in order to propose an answer to an established need of a target market. It consists of a multidisciplinary universe that brings together a wide range of diverse and complementary expertise : design, mechanical and electrical engineering, rapid prototyping and innovation project management.

From the main idea to production, or simply a helping hand in any phase of the process, our team will help you achieve your goals.

Why choose Elabore?

We stand out because of the proximity we have with our clients and the common language we speak with them. The absence of costly formalities makes our service more accessible and adapted.

Finally, the fact that we also offer a rapid prototyping service and put at your disposal pragmatic members allows Elabore to better meet your needs and to properly guide you through the process.

développement de produit

” At Elabore, we don’t deliver reports, we deliver prototypes.”

Our product development process

Specifically created to address our needs, our product development process is an agile and collaborative guide, creating benchmarks so that everyone understands where we are, and more importantly, where we are going.

Our goal?

To be the most efficient innovative product development team in order to bring a quality product to market as quickly as possible. In short, we use our agility to ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits as soon as possible!

Customer involvement

The involvement of the client is essential to the success of the project. It is through the recurrence of meetings and the transparency that our team demonstrates that we are able to maintain a close relationship with our client. We always keep them informed of the next steps and they retain their decision-making power at all times.

Modus operandi

At Elabore, we know that a product development process is an iterative one that must always focus on the project definition. Our iterative loop therefore emphasizes frequent and tangible validation of ideas in order to turn them into quick learnings that we share with our client.

You will see in the following section how this loop is used to progress through the different “focus gates”.

1. Learning

Learning is an exercise, a research process, which serves to increase the knowledge related to the client, the market, the field and the end user.

We learn from the tests carried out, from the impressions of the client and the users, from the existing standards, etc.

2. Definition

The definition of the client's and user's needs is essential to initiate the project and to give a clear orientation to the project's actions.

Together, we define the problem, the objective, the target price, the constraints, etc.

3. Ideation

Ideation is an exercise in imagination and creativity that takes into account the knowledge and experience of all in order to meet the client's needs.

We model, conceptualize and do several brainstorming activities to bring out the best idea.

4. Prototyping

Prototyping allows us to concretely visualize, test and validate the concepts.

5. Test

The tests we perform are mainly used to get feedback on the idea. They allow us to confront the idea with reality, with the market. This is what allows us to learn and understand the function and form of the product even better.

We also like to present the tests to the customer as it allows them to take ownership of their project and to understand the phenomena.

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Progress by focus

Our team collaborates and orientates itself through a common ”focus”. We don’t need to think about which manufacturer to choose when we don’t yet know whether we’re building a car or a house… Let’s start by focusing on function, and form will follow!


What is the project about? What is the marketing plan and strategy?



Développement de produits

How should the product function and perform to meet the needs of the decision-maker? the end user?



Développement de produits

What is the overall look and shape of the product that meets the desired functions?



Développement de produits

How will this system be manufactured? By whom and at what cost?


Is the product being manufactured of acceptable quality? Is it ready to be launched on the market?



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