Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping, much more than a 3D!

Prototyping is the physical creation of a prototype or model. The preferred process is 3D printing, since it is adapted to small series. An important distinction must be made here : a prototype has a functional purpose, whereas a model has an aesthetic and representative purpose.

Our rapid prototyping process

Rapid prototyping

3D printing right in our offices

At Élabore, we offer three types of 3D printing processes within our offices. Our printing experts will advise you on the type of process that your product requires according to different criteria : economy, precision, complex geometry, choice of materials and printing volume.

Rapid prototyping

Finishing workshop for printed parts

Once the parts are 3D printed, our team performs their finishing to obtain a beautiful rendering and to proceed with the assembly of all the parts required for the product. We can realize different aesthetic and functional finishes according to your needs.

Rapid prototyping

Mechanical assembly workshop

Rapid prototyping also includes mechanical assembly and testing of prototypes. We make test benches to evaluate the product and to improve it if necessary.

Rapid prototyping

Extensive manufacturing network of partners

Our large network of partners, both local and foreign, is of great help to us in expanding our offer for the realization of your product. We have partners specialized in several types of manufacturing and finishing processes, allowing us to provide you with quality prototypes and small productions that meet your expectations.

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